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NCAA Conferences

Lately, everyone has been discussing the shift from traditional college conferences to “Super Conferences”. This is gaining more traction with recent movement from Maryland, and Rutgers departing to the Big Ten, and Louisville headed to the ACC. 

Here are a few quick thoughts i have on the college landscape:

  • We are starting to see which conferences are going to survive (Pac-12, SEC, Big Ten), which conferences are on shaky ground (Big 12, ACC), and which conferences are all but done (Big East).
  • Either the Big 12, or the ACC will be the “4th Super Conference”. I give the slight edge to the Big 12, because they have Texas and Oklahoma. The ACC is more of a basketball conference, and Football is where the majority of revenue is made for athletic departments.
  • In order to be a Super Conference, you’re going to need 14 schools. This means the Big 12 will need to add 4-5 programs, if they continue believing Iowa State belongs. If i was the Big 12 commissioner, i would immediately be recruiting 2-3 schools away from the ACC. One of those schools has to be Florida State, with the others being North Carolina, Boston College, or Miami. I’d go after UConn which is desperate to move. I also would try to pry a school away from the Pac-12 (Oregon or USC), or SEC (Arkansas or Kentucky). This leads to my next point…
  • Notre Dame Football won’t be an independent school much longer, and will be up for grabs. Even thought the school has made the move to the ACC for other sports, i could see them leaving quickly to follow their football program to a new conference, like TCU did. I couldn’t see them in the SEC because of the teams they would have to face. Big Ten seems like the best fit, but the Big 12 is possible.
  • I can’t believe i am about to say this…Texas A&M made the right move by going to the SEC. 
  • We will have an 8 team football playoff in 5 years. We move to a 4 team playoff in 2014, but once they realize how much money is to be made, they will quickly amend this to an 8 team system.
  • College basketball will NEVER be the same. Most of these moves are being done with Football in mind. SEC is the best football conference, but is WEAK in basketball, which could be another reason why A&M and Missouri made the move. ACC and Big East were powerful basketball conferences, but have now been ripped apart. RIP College basketball.
  • There will be a major shift in the “Mid-Major” landscape as well. Big West, Mountain West, Atlantic-10, Patriot League, Horizon League will all add new members that fall off the Super Conference grid. This could mean a major increase in these athletic budgets.

Travel Industry

Sometimes, i just don’t understand the Travel industry. Why do they make things so complicated? So many deals are priced with airfare, but are not valid for 99% of the departure cities. It’s misleading, and heartbreaking for those that are wanting so badly to book that vacation.

Free advice: Market deals specifically for cities.
Example: 4 Days All-Inclusive W/Air from DFW to Jamaica $599. Depart Jan 5th, 16th, or 27th.
I understand the reasons why you don’t do it this way, but you need to change conventional thinking. Go back to the basics. 
You can thank me later, preferrably with a free vacation.
P.S. For bonus points, market deals with taxes & fees added in.

3 Ideas To Boost The Economy

Here are 3 ideas our Federal Government should entertain to boost the economy immediately.

1. Real Estate Stimulus Package – This could be a MAJOR benefit to an industry that is failing. Provide first time home buyers with a rebate for purchasing a new home. The buyers must put down 35% at the time of the sale, and the government will provide a $5-10,000 rebate (based on value) to the buyer. This could be costly for the government in the short term, but the amount of cash injected into the economy would shock the system into proper health.

2. Tax Credits – Give businesses tax credits for replacing old equipment with new technology. Many companies are facing a need to upgrade their equipment to improve their business, but don’t have the assets to invest into new technology. The government should step in and provide a tax credit for those companies that face this issue. This would have to be restricted so that it would not eliminate any jobs for the investment to be made.
3. Bring Home Our Military – This is a touchy subject for many, as politics come into play. But, why are we spending as much money as we do to have our military stationed overseas? I don’t mean in Afghanistan, where we are still fighting a war, i’m talking about in other countries where we have built a residence. Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Austrailia, Brazil, Israel, Guam, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, United Kingdom. These countries are home to SEVERAL military bases for all branches. While i don’t have a masters degree in military warfare, spending $700 billion a year in defense budget is somewhat excessive. We need to stop nation building, and bring our military home. We can secure our own borders, bring home talented soldiers, and SAVE MONEY. While those last 2 words might not boost the economy, it will allow the federal government to re-invest these resources into other areas of the federal budget, or perhaps decrease the national debt.