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Jon Stewart Leaving The Daily Show; Six Replacement Ideas

Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart will not be providing their comedic commentary for the 2016 Presidential election on Comedy Central.

Would love to see them go outside the box on his replacement. Here are some ideas I have in mind…

-Olivia Munn: Time for a woman to get a shot at major late-night talk show. She is funny, and her work on The Newsroom shows that she can deliver passionate monologues.

-Ricky Gervais: He’d never do it, but how fun would this version of The Daily Show be? A nightly forum for him to do something like this…

-Dave Chappelle: One can only dream of a potential Chappelle return to Comedy Central.

-Daniel Tosh: He needs to be on television more. Tosh.O is getting stale, and he is too talented to not be showcased more often.

-Andy Samberg: I know he’s doing Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but he’d be a GREAT fit for this role.

-Craig Ferguson: He loves America, and when he’s passionate about something he can be one of the best in the business at his craft.

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